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New York

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Jennifer Nau - Founder

As a native New Yorker, I love touring clients around the city and not only helping them find the perfect apartment but also showing them all the hidden gems this fabulous city has to offer. It's wonderful to see client's eyes light up when we find that winning apartment. From touring to move-in and beyond, I love keeping in touch with my clients and helping them find their homes for years to come.

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I recommend that everyone live in NYC at least once in their lives. The city has a vibe and energy all it's known and it hits you the minute you get off the plane at JFK or arrive at Penn Station. I love getting lost in the West Village, strolling through the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and experiencing the world-class bar and restaurant scene. You could live in NYC your entire life and never experience everything this town has to offer. Once you're here, you'll never want to leave. Let's find you the perfect home to start life's next chapter.

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"Campus2City helped me find an amazing apartment and got me an incredible deal. Jennifer went above and beyond anything I could have hoped for and made the moving process so much easier. I was overwhelmed by the friendly service and the drive to not just find me a place to live but to find me a place I can call home."

- Zack Z

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The C2C team was incredibly valuable in helping me manage my first apartment search in NYC. I was in a position where I had to move in right away and Jennifer and her team handled the process with a high level of diligence and professionalism. She lined up viewings of multiple apartments within my budget, handled all relevant paperwork and I was able to move in the next day. I would highly recommend the C2C team to anyone looking to find a great deal on a NYC apartment with minimal hassle and none of the upselling that is so common amongst other brokers. I look forward to working with her again on my next apartment search!

- Patrick R, Notre Dame

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Kaitlin Tang

I love welcoming bright-eyed graduates to the city by finding an apartment that is best suited to ensure a great experience. Beginning a career in New York City is a large accomplishment and I make sure that recent graduates do not run into conflicts with the fast-paced real estate market that can be hard to navigate. When graduates find their winning apartment it's more than a new home, it signifies the beginning of a noteworthy chapter in their lives.

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Whether the sun is beaming through the windows of high rises or it's a snow blanketed winter day, the energy in NYC is unlike any other. I love to strap on comfortable walking shoes and admire the historic and modern architecture that drastically changes from one neighborhood to the next, along with its culture. NYC really is a melting pot and with that it's hard to pass the opportunity to try cuisines from around the world, admire the infinite visual arts on the streets and in museums, and experience the talent of top performers at the most distinguished theatres in America. Start your day at the bodega down the street and with a coffee and bagel in hand, I'll be more than happy to guide you to some of the best places in the city.

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"Kaitlin was an absolute star when it came to our apartment search. She found apartments that fit all of our preferences, answered every question that came up, and made the process as stress free as possible. Finding our first apartment in the middle of a pandemic was a daunting task, but Kaitlin’s kind personality and incredible knowledge put all our fears at rest. I can’t recommend her and Campus2City enough!"

- Imogen F NYU

Hoboken/Jersey City

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Jessica Gabrielsen

As a young professional who started their career in the Big Apple, I understand how overwhelming the transition into the "real world" can be. Before I left my corporate job to invest all my time into Real Estate, I wish I had someone to guide me through the {what seems to be daunting} process of finding a place to live. And that's what so special about this company. When I became a Real Estate Agent, I knew I needed to break the stigma around the home buying/ renting process. Campus2City has given me a platform to build relationships with other young professionals who are eager to jump start their career. I've been given the chance to share invaluable insight and knowledge with our clients; My main goal is to alleviate the stress of finding a home in an unfamiliar city.

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I am a Jersey Girl through and through. No matter where life took me, I always found my way home to Jersey. I've spent the last two years exploring all Hudson County has to offer, and I don't know if I will ever leave! Hoboken stole my heart the minute I stepped out of the PATH train from NYC. Take everything you love about New York and put it in a quaint, mile long city. Nicknamed the "Mile Square City", Hoboken's main street, Washington Street, is filled with family-owned pizza shops, amazing restaurants and bars, and so much more. And if a short walk down Washington doesn't make you fall in love, just take a walk one block to the river and I guarantee you'll never want to leave. The parks/piers along the Hudson River have the most unbelievable views, and there is always something to do there. Community events, farmers markets, movie nights, local food trucks... I can go on for hours! And just when you think Hoboken has it all, it is also a transportation hub to NYC, JC, and the Jersey Shore.

Anthonyr Testimonial1

"Jessica made the apartment search so easy and enjoyable. At the time I came across Campus2City, I was about to graduate from BU, and was getting ready to start my new job in NYC. There was a lot going on in my life at the time, and finding a place to live in a city I've never been to before was one of the more stressful things I had on my plate. When I met Jessica, I felt an instant relief and knew I was in great hands."

- Anthony R, Boston University

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"I was about to graduate and finding an apartment was something I didn't even think of until the last minute. I had no help and am so happy I found Campus2City. Jessica found me an apartment within one week, and was so excited to show me around Hoboken when we met. I've been living in Hoboken for a year now, and I still run into Jessica on the streets every now and then!"

- Lauren B, Rider University


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Dylan McDowell

I got started in this business from having a passion for both people & real estate. I'm here to help you like I have with my friends, family, & clients. Over 1,200 happy clients in the books so far has given me more than just practice; it has allowed me access to thousands of homes. I can honestly tell the difference between subtle differences and am happy to show you what I notice. Working with me makes real estate fun. Let's find you the perfect home!

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Weekends in Chicago are the best. I love to point out on our tour where some of the best parks and brunch spots are. This is also the only place I’ve lived where people who live here actually go to the museums and tourist attractions. I could honestly spend a day at the Art Institute every weekend and still find new things to see. I’ll help you find your favorite things to do on our tours, and we’ll take that into account as we find the best neighborhood for you.

"My experience with Dylan was absolute top-notch and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better! His extensive knowledge of the neighborhood I was looking at was very helpful, seeing as I was relocating from out of state. He was also very accommodating with rearranging showings for me at the last minute, and I was very appreciative of that as well. His response time to all emails, phone calls and texts couldn’t have been better!! I highly recommend Dylan in your search for a new home, and I will definitely reach out for his help again for any future apartment moves in the city."

- Trisha M

"Dylan was so great to work with! He was really knowledgeable about the area, listened to what we were looking for and make sure all our needs were met. On top of that he was outgoing and very personable. We truly enjoying working with him and appreciate all his help in finding us the perfect place. Would highly recommend working with Dylan!"

- Kelly K.


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Charlotte Polk

My diverse skill set has led me to my career in real estate where I will work hard and building a lasting client relationship to best assist you. We will work alongside one another to help you find your new home. I look forward to helping you transition to your new life in Boston!

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Boston is a city where each neighborhood is uniquely different. The Boston Real Estate Market is constantly evolving and developing. You have vastly different neighborhoods all walking distance from one another. You can be strolling through an old historic neighborhood like Beacon Hill and find yourself surrounded by brand new luxury buildings like in Seaport. I will be sure to help you navigate each neighborhood to help you find your dream home.

Brian Boyle Photo Client Testimonial

"I had the pleasure of working with Charlotte when she helped me find and obtain my current apartment rental. Charlotte was very cordial, informed, and responsive throughout the process. I especially appreciated her using my preferred method of communication, texting, to communicate key details in a timely manner. I highly recommend working with Charlotte if you get the chance!"

- Brian B, Tufts

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"Charlotte was a great help finding me an apartment in a few days time! We saw a few places and ultimately landed on a place that I love. She was a great help and helped me navigate the real estate market street free. I would recommend her and use her again."

- Megan R, Villanova

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Amanda Woodward

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is seeing a client find a place that truly feels like home. Moving to a new place can be scary and overwhelming, and I love being able to ease the pain of finding a home for clients. I love sharing my passion and love for the city of Boston, and using my expertise to make sure I find the right place to call home!

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Boston has been my home for the majority of my life and every day I find something new or exciting here! Whether it's the historical sites like the Freedom Trail, shops and restaurants on Newbury St, or a baseball game at Fenway park - there is something here for everyone. I love exploring the different neighborhoods, which feel like individual cities within the city. One of my favorite parts is being along the beautiful coast, and I enjoy spending time by the water.

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Moving to Boston is one of the biggest decisions I have ever made. I had to relocate for a job and had heard that housing was tough to find and prices were much higher than what I was used to. I found Amanda through a friend and she proved both of my preconceived notions wrong. I had multiple options to choose from that were perfect for what I needed, at a price range much lower than I expected. Thank you, Amanda!!

- Alex F.

Morgan H Photo

I was super excited to land a job in Boston, but being from California I was extremely nervous about finding housing. I had heard that housing in Boston was difficult to navigate. I started by posting in housing groups with no luck. I found Amanda through a mutual connection, and she immediately helped me find the perfect apartment within my budget. She had a wealth of knowledge about the city- what to do, where to go, best places to live. She helped me through the entire process and even still checks in! Would highly recommend Amanda to anyone looking to relocate to Boston.

- Morgan H.

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