My Virtual Summer Internship

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By Robert Morris - Campus2City Social Media Marketing Intern

August 25, 2020

Graduating through a pandemic proved to be an event unlike any other that I had experienced in my lifetime. As one progresses through college, they often fantasize about their graduation day. Celebrations with friends and school traditions are what people tend to focus on when this monumental day finally arrives. However, the Covid-19 pandemic threw all these plans off for graduates around the world as we were forced to quarantine ourselves and watch our ceremonies unfold virtually.

Due to the virtual nature of graduation, many plans that I once had were put on hold. It was certainly not the way I had envisioned my senior year ending, but I tried to remain optimistic about the future. One of the silver linings that I had to look forward to was my summer internship for Campus2City. In a time when the job market was extremely tough, I was ecstatic that I had the opportunity to continue to build my skills with a new company.

Of course, the pandemic didn’t end as quickly as we once believed. Cities remained closed, jobs stayed remote, and life changed in ways that we never saw possible. As such, my summer internship with Campus2City became a fully remote gig. 

Working remotely is a challenging process in and of itself, but starting a new job remotely can be a whole different kind of challenge. On my first day, I was overcome with worry. How would I learn to manage a new company’s social media if I had never met the company’s employees face-to-face? How would my limited knowledge of the New York area be of any use to a company that focuses on this highly complicated market?

As it turns out, these questions were of little importance when my internship finally began. The Campus2City team was not only welcoming, but incredibly excited to have a new face on the weekly Zoom calls. They were always open to answering questions and teaching me about what it is like to live in New York. I began to learn the different neighborhoods, hot spots, and even some of the hidden secrets that the city had to offer. This was all possible because of Campus2City’s energetic and excited team of real estate experts. 

Working remotely may remove the face-to-face nature of communication, but it also opens up the doorway to many new and exciting means of connecting with others. Had this internship been an in-person gig, I might have never had the pleasure of meeting Bubba, our company founder’s cat who was a regular guest star on the zoom calls. Small things such as this allows for virtual meetings to take on a less formal and more personal vibe. 

In my opinion, the biggest question in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic has evolved. It is no longer a question of “When will this end?” Instead, we have been forced to come together and ask ourselves “Where do we go from here?” 

My summer internship with Campus2City culminated with me and the team asking ourselves this very same question. There is no clear answer to this question, especially in regards to the New York City real estate market.  The pandemic isn’t over, and it won’t be for some time. So where do we go from here, and why should people move to the city amidst this still unknown crisis?

The truth is, the city is still alive and well. While I have not been there in person, I have been working alongside a team that has been. Their work schedules are non-stop, and they are constantly on the mission to find the best possible apartment deals that this city has to offer. Sure, the world has changed and many aspects of the classic “New York City experience” have changed with it, but that doesn’t mean the city is dead. Not by a long shot.

As a recent college graduate, my closing advice to others is this: Don’t put your life on hold simply because so much of what was once the “normal” world has come to a screeching halt. Keep chasing your dreams and working towards getting your life back on track. If New York City is your dream destination, then don’t wait! Now is the time to get the best apartment deals in the city and there has never been a more affordable or lucrative time to make the move. The city experience is still there, it may just look a little different now. 

Regardless of what your preferences may be, I can say with certainty that the Campus2City team is your best resource to utilize when making your final decision. This team is here to help, not convince or push you into making the move to NYC. They understand the challenges of the modern world better than anyone, and are excited to help recent college graduates make the decision that best fits their preferences. I really enjoyed my experience working alongside this team, and have no doubt that you will too.