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Your school will help you apply for jobs, internships, and graduate studies, but they simply aren’t equipped to help you find an apartment in one of the most intricate, frustrating real estate markets in the world.

We Empower You to Conquer the
New York Real Estate Market.

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You'll Be

Our agents help you focus your search
and make sure your paperwork is ready
for an application.

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Move Fast

Once prepared, you can compete in
New York’s fast-moving market and avoid
missing out on your favorite apartment.

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You’ll Find a Place
That Feels Like Home

You’ll know you’ve picked a great
apartment where you can launch your
career and enjoy living in New York!

We understand
how frustrating
your search can be.

  • As members of the Real Estate Board of New York, our agents have helped relocate thousands of graduates from 50 universities across the nation.
  • As a team with REAL New York, we make your search easier through access to more than 4,000 exclusive apartment listings.
Maria G Testimonial

"Jennifer and her team were incredible. Moving to a new city all by yourself is one of the scariest things in life, but they made it seem so easy; it was part of the adventure that we took together. Their skill and insight helped me find the perfect apartment, and when I need my second, I know exactly who I'm going to. Thank you so much, Campus2City!"

-Maria G

Meghan Testimonial

"Victor was the best and made the search for an apartment as stress-free and fun as possible! We had a few road bumps during our search (none of them his fault!), but Victor was always thinking ahead, looking out for my and my roommate''s best interests, and was so knowledgeable about everything — all while being such a sweet, gentle, and calming presence. I can't thank Victor or recommend him enough! Use him for your search and you won't be disappointed."

-Meghan R

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1. Create Your Free Account

You’ll be able to search apartment listings and learn
how to conquer the market in our Resource Library.

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We’ll make sure you feel prepared to find the best
apartment for your New York experience.

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3. You’ll Find Your Apartment!

Our agents will provide the guidance you need to
find a place that feels like home.

Most Graduates Feel Unprepared

when searching for an apartment in New York. Our real estate service empowers you to conquer the market so you can have a less-stressful search and enjoy your New York experience.
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When you Create Your Free Account, you can search apartment listings throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Because we are a team licensed under REAL New York, you also gain access to more than 4,000 exclusive listings which makes it easier than ever for you to find your favorite apartment and conquer the market.

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Why do we team with REAL New York? In addition to providing access to exclusive listings, they share our values. REAL New York is a brokerage firm that strives to turn the typical New York moving experience on its head by helping renters avoid common pitfalls and unwanted surprises. “No secrets and no BS” they like to say. Campus2City shares REAL New York’s mission: “We want you to love where you live. It drives everything we do.”

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